About Me

I have been fascinated with jewelry ever since I can remember.  I have been making it for almost that long too.  I have used telephone wire, beads, gemstones, cantaloupe seeds, precious metal clay, polymer clay... You name it, I've tried it.  Right now, I enjoy using wire and gemstone beads to create rings and other jewelry.  I plan to use this blog to explore (and explain) how to make wire rings.  Feel free to give me feedback.  I'd love to hear from you.

I am a software designer/analyst in the 'real' world and it is something that I enjoy tremendously.  I help make complex systems for Aerospace & Defense customers, so it is challenging and requires great attention to detail. 

I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids.  My son enjoys sports, so I have mastered the art of taking jewelry projects to baseball and football games.  My daughter also does sports, but enjoys making jewelry with me.  I'm sure some of her projects and tips will be featured here from time to time.  Thanks for reading about me.  Don't be afraid to tell me about yourself too.


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