April 25, 2012

Braided Wire Band

A new simple ring style.  This is made from 26g wire, braided and then joined in the back.  No picture of the join - it's not especially neat, but it is comfortable and it has grown on me.  I really like the ring stacked with my other simple rings.  It's comfortable.  The ring is hammered on the mandrel to flatten the join and the braid.  I didn't use all 3 wires from each side to make the wrap like you might expect.  I tried that at first, but the wrap was waaaay too big.  Instead, I clipped two wires from each side at the join and left one wire on each side long.  The long wire from each side was used to join the two sides and wrap over the join.

Here is the ring as part of a stack.  The other style is the simple ring I previously made, but with a heavier gauge wire.  I think it is 20g which is much thicker than I usually use.  I also added some small silver beads on the side.  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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