July 3, 2013

Free Rosette Swirl Wire Ring Tutorial

I love this ring!! It is so simple to make, but looks so great on!  The free tutorial is by McFarland Designs and once you've made one, you will be hooked!

The author of the tutorial calls this a Rosette Ring.  In order for it to come out as a Rosette, you should keep your wires coiled to the center and don't worry if they overlap a little.  In my first ring, the copper rosette above, I let the wires overlap and it came out looking more like a rose.

If you keep the wires next to each other instead of letting them overlap a bit, they definitely form a swirl.    I think that is really neat looking too - so I made several like that.

I found that unlike most of my rings that come out larger than I intended, this one actually shrinks at least one full size when you make it.  So, in order to make a size 8 ring, I had to start with at least a 9 on the ring mandrel.  That is probably because of the thickness of the band and the way the wires are wrapped around the ring shank.

The ring is super comfortable to wear.  The top is smooth so it doesn't get caught on anything.  I made mine using 22 gauge wire like the tutorial suggests - but I think it would look nice with 20g or maybe even a 24g wire too.  I will try those in the future.


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