March 2, 2014

Wire Heart Ring

wire wrapped heart ring for Valentine's Day
Perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime you want to show some love.

This wire heart ring is very easy to make and doesn't require too many tools.

There is no soldering required, just wire wrapping.

You can find the free step by step heart ring tutorial here.

There are two alternatives for securing the end piece of wire.  It can be flattened against the ring band (or shank) or it can be wrapped around the band.

Wire wrapped heart ring from free tutorials by Lisa Yang Jewelry

I like to use 18g wire, but you can make them in 20g for a daintier look.  You need to use a tumbler to harden the wire though or it may bend out of shape.

You could try using 16g wire, but the wire would need to be very soft and the finished  ring will be much larger.  It would make more of a statement, but probably be very cute.

Adding a dangle from the point of the heart would also be a nice addition.